Villa Borobudur Resort is one of Indonesia’s Purest Hidden Gems – Indonesia Expat

The critically acclaimed Villa Borobudur Resort is one of Indonesia’s purest hidden gems, located on the slopes of the Menoreh Mountains in Central Java, overlooking a vast valley of lush vegetation and several volcanos.

Villa Borobudur Resort is located just 2.5 km from the world’s largest Buddhist temple, the Borobudur temple.

There are six uniquely designed villas on-site, located to provide exceptional views, all with a personal staff and swimming pools, and with an emphasis on privacy. The superb food the resort provides reflects authentic Indonesian culinary traditions. We offer our guests an unforgettable immersive experience and high-end luxury, in an authentic Javanese way.

Authentic Java has a specific meaning to us that we want our guests to experience. Authentic Java means seeking balance and achieving harmony. Balance and harmony involve respect for each other, respect for nature, and a certain awareness of the versatile Javanese culture and traditions. The location and setting of the resort overlooking Borobudur Temple and surrounded by lush gardens and a unique ecosystem, which we take great care of, as well as our close relationship with the surrounding communities and the attention we give to art ensure that our guests will actually experience authentic Java.

Our guests can expect around the clock personal service and a full range of amenities and activities that explore Javanese nature, culture, and arts. Villa Borobudur Resort is also the best starting point to visit the bustling city of Yogyakarta.

In the resort, you can enjoy sunset yoga classes, and sunrise meditation sessions, hike the region’s hills and volcanos, experience extraordinary road trips, and discover Javanese spirituality. There are tailored programs and offers available, specified to your particular wishes. You have the option to enjoy meals in your private villa, prepared by your own chef, or you can do that in our restaurant, Taste Java. During your stay, our guests can also get acquainted with a variety of herbal drinks. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown in-house in the resort as much as possible.

The villas of the resort are ideally suited to spending a few days with your friends and family, but if you decide to stay longer with us to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, that is also possible coming with very attractive rates apply. The resort has fast fibre-glass WiFi and is also ideally suited to proceed with your work and online meetings. Contact us for more information.


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