Thinking about travelling to Vietnam, but wonder when is the best time for you? If you want to know about weather in Vietnam and where should you go each month, this blog post is for you. Vietnam weather by month and recommended destinations are provided.

Vietnam weather in January

In the North, it is pretty cold and wet, typically in Sapa and Hanoi. The temperature can drop to as low as 10 degrees. Maybe, it can be snowy in Sapa. Bringing warm clothes, raincoat, food; and checking the weather forecast in advance are useful tips.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHHoan Kiem lake in Hanoi

In the central, the weather gets warmer. In Danang and Hue, the weather is sunny but sometimes rainy with temperature varying between 16 and 21 degrees. Remember to bring warm clothes, sunglasses, and medicines in case you catch cold because of the changing weather.

In the South, it is in the middle of the dry season and the sun is on until 6 or 7 p.m every day. Undoubtedly, January is one of the best months to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern provinces. Just bring comfortable clothes, water, sunscreen and set off.

Where to go in January

If you prefer the cold weather with rain and snow, Hanoi[1], Sapa, Ha Giang in the North are the interesting destinations for you. Moreover, Hanoi in this time welcomes tourists with the beauty of peach blossom and drizzles. . In January, Ha Giang is colorful with peach blossom, plum blossom, and yellow rape flower. Especially, it starts to snow in the first month of year in Sapa, and this land appears in the light fog. You will be immersed in the dreamlike scenery of Sapa.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-1 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHThe Sapa breathtaking scenery with snow like in the Europe

But if you love the sunshine with warm weather, Quy Nhon, Mekong Delta or Ho Chi Minh city in the South are recommended destinations in January. This month is a perfect time to catch the natural landscapes of pure blue beaches and imposing mountains in Quy Nhon; it’s cool with the temperature of 23 – 28 degrees Celsius. Coming to Mekong Delta, you should choose dry season, and January is good to visit vivid floating markets. Besides, Ho Chi Minh city in this time is full of warm and sunshine. Perfect weather lets you explore big markets and enjoy the atmosphere of upcoming traditional Tet holidays in Vietnam.

Vietnam weather in February

Time of Tet holiday –  Vietnam Lunar new year

In the North: the weather remains cold. The weather is kind of unpredictable as it gets dry and then rainy sometimes. Just bring jackets, pants, medicine and raincoat.

In the central: Normally, the weather is still cold and rainy a lot. Sometimes it’s less rainy.

In the South: It is pretty sunny and warm. The weather is really pleasant for taking a trip to enjoy Tet holiday.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-2 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHTet holiday in Vietnam

Where we should go in February

In February, overall, every place is nice with the Tet atmosphere, but we recommend you to visit those places below

Moc Chau in February is a promise land for tourists to discover unique beauty of the mountainous area in the North of Vietnam. Especially, the beauty of plum blossom in spring days making travelers lose in the fairy land.

Nghe An province located in the Central is suitable for visitors enjoying the hill of sunflowers. And there are different traditional festivals here exploring Vietnamese culture as well as local custom. It is also the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh, so you can visit the place where our talent president used to live.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-3 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHFestival of ethnic group in Tay Nguyen

This is also perfect time to discover Tay Nguyen. Do you know the symbol of Tay Nguyen in March? That’s coffee flowers. You not only explore the scenery of full of coffee flowers but also try a tasty cup of coffee making you unforgettable. Moreover, many specific festivals of ethnic group are held which strongly bring the national character.

Vietnam weather in March

In March, the weather in Northern Vietnam is kind of unpredictable climate. Normally, it’s less rainy and warmer. The same could be talked about Central and South Vietnam. The temperature is increasing if you move to the South. You just bring umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen and other kinds of clothes like T-shirts, shorts, jeans, swim-suits in sweltering weather or jackets, pants, and sweaters in cold weather.

Where is fascinating for March

You should visit Hoi An[2] in March because it’s comfortable and rare to rain. You can take part in activities and go sightseeing Hoi An Ancient Town in the convenient weather.

The temperature in Nha Trang is around 22-25 degrees Celsius. It’s warm, sunny, sometimes cool and breezy. So it ‘s great for you to enjoy beautiful beaches there. Nha Trang is very famous for beaches with unique names and seafood.

Da Lat becomes romantic and poetic with the beauty of bauhinia variegata, cherry blossom, purple flamboyant.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-4 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHDa Lat with purple flamboyant in March

Weather in April

In April, it’s the beginning of summer in Vietnam. The weather turns to warmer with the average temperature of 22-23 degrees . Probably, there is some sunny and hot period time in the Northwest, North, the Central and South East. However, in general, it is quite pleasant and good for tourist to go traveling and having fun. Just bring your personal items such as suncream, sunglasses, and water.

Recommended places for April

With the pleasant weather, April is best time to travel to Vietnam, so you can choose any places in Vietnam you like. However, we highly recommend you to visit these places.

Ly Son[3] – Maldives of Vietnam is a good choice for your trip in April. With dry season, you can enjoy landscape and go swimming in the pure beaches as well as watch festival of the locals here.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-5 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHCrystal clear blue beach in Ly Son Island

In this time Phu Quoc[4] is less rain and sea is calm suitable to swim and boat cruise. You can save money for accomodation, transport, food and other services, too because this isn’t high season.

Danang[5] is also an ideal destination for your vacaction in April. It’s rather cool and nice so you shouldn’t miss beaches. Besides, this is an occassion that the city holds the international firework festival.

In Hue[6], the temperature will increase but it’s not scorching. You should come to famous spots like Lang Co beach, Mo spring, Truoi lake to enjoy cool water and admire natural sceneries. It’s time for festivals held in Hue attracting thousands of tourists at home and abroad.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-6 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHRoyal court music performance in Hue festival

Vietnam weather in May

The weather is really good in the North but a bit hot in the South. The average temperature is about 24-25 degrees. Thunder shower is also frequent. Therefore, you should bring sunglasses, sunscreen hat, and umbrella when you need.

Where to go in May

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-7 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHHa Long Bay, Vietnam

A must-visit attraction for you is Halong Bay[7]. The average temperature here is around 28 degrees Celsius. The warm weather of Halong Bay in May is perfect to enjoy water activities and sightseeing.

The most famous landmark of Yen Bai is Mu Cang Chai terraced fields. Coming to Mu Cang Chai in May, you will admire the wonders of terraced rice field season.

What to expect in June

It is seen as the best time in the summer when the weather is sunny and hot. It is really nice in both the North and the South. Staying outside long might make you feel tired. So, what is necessary for the Summer? Swimsuit, wide-brimmed hat, waterproof camera, sunglasses, suncream, swimming glass.. is beneficial for you

What to do in June

Traveling to Tam Dao, you have to experience fairy natural lands of Silver Waterfall, Skygate, Tam Dao National Park,… The temperature in June is about 24 degrees Celsius, which makes those destinations to be the pleasant time for tourism.

June is also the start of tourism season in Hanoi. Especailly, Chem Temple Festival is the only festival held in Hanoi in June, at Thuy Phuong Town, Tu Liem District. Activities in the festival include dragon boats racing on Red River, kites flying and doves releasing.

Co To island is the best place to visit in summer when it’s sunny and windy suitable for swim.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-8 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHCo To Island in Quang Ninh

Vietnam weather in July

In July, the North of Vietnam is the rainy season, the Northern mountains experience harsh winters. But the centre remains hot and dry whilst the South has an almost constant heat, accompanied by high humidity. The southwest monsoon in this month is likely blowing with moderate intensity, caused rainy days in the Central Highlands and South Vietnam. Due to two monsoons per year with different altitudes and latitudes cause extreme differences across the country.

Where we should go in July

Because of the weather condition, in July, visitor numbers are normally lower than other months. However, some destinations are still recommended.

Traveling in combination with discovering the beauty of the mountains and forests is also chosen by backpacking tourist. Visiting the Northwest in Vietnam[8] to contemplate a hidden and breathtaking beauty or Ha Giang to see Hoang Su Phi terraced fields is in the harvesting season.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-9 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHHoang Su Phi Terraced Fields – Best things to do in Ha Giang

Beaches: This month is the perfect time to go to the beaches because the weather is stable, no rain, the sun is not too harsh. The central beaches like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Ly Son still promise a great deal of sunshine for tourists. Especially, Nha Trang beach Festival held from 11 to 14 July is the best chances to experience and relax for tourists.

Vietnam weather in August

In August, it is a peak month for rainfall in the North but the rain seems to back off in the Centre and South Vietnam. The central regions are more shadowy days with occasional downpoursthunders and lightning. Highland areas remain cool but with rain- the temperature can drop to below 20 at night. The weather in August is the same as July, in general.

Where is fascinating for August

Da lat – the city of thousand flowers is the best destination to chill out in August.

Hoi An with its ancient beauty with centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, colonial shop houses and authentic specialities attract tourist around the world in August.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-10 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHHoian, Vietnam

Vietnam weather in September

In September, the whole country receives the highest rainfall, rain is expected to become more frequent. Rainfall ceases in the North but increases in the central regions and the South. The North enjoys the pleasant autumn weather with adequate sunshine, but it likely to start being influenced by cold air at the end of the month. The middle of Vietnam steps into rainy season with lighting and thunder. The South remains the same as in August but more pleasant. The South remains wet with high humidity level but more pleasant than the summer months.

Recommended destinations for September

Ha Long Bay, Ha Noi and Mekong Delta are the good ideals for those wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Especially, floating markets in Mekong Delta where the local people selling their products directly from the boats. It is one of the most unique and outstanding markets for its variety of fresh fruits and other local products.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-11 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHFloating market on river in Mekong Delta

Vietnam weather in October

In October, it is considered to be the best month to travel in Vietnam. Northern cities have cooled off weather and the temperature is mild and the air is dry. The light rains are likely to affect the central provinces like Hue, Da Nang, and Hoi An, but it does not dilute the beauty of these destinations. The temperature of the South ranging from 22 to 32 degree with less rain, it is the perfect time to traveling to Ho Chi Minh city.

Where is fascinating for October

Trang An[9] Vietnam is a special place where majestic mountains, gorgeous limestone caves and wild streams flowing through the caves. In October, it is the good time to discover he harmony of stone, river, forest, and sky here.

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-12 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHTam Coc – Bich Dong, Trang An in the ripen rice season

Ha Giang – a dreamy and attractive destination for those who want to seek the pure beauty of Vietnam’s nature and people. October is time to ride the Ha Giang Extreme North Loop to contemplate the beauty of  buckwheat flower (tam giac mach).

Vietnam weather in November

In November, the North of Vietnam slowly turns cooler and dryer. This is the good month to visit the North because the weather is cool and the smell of flower spread everywhere. While the Centre coast can be serious flooding and potential typhoons which stop all road and rail transport for some days. The Southern regions remain warm, not too hot or too cold and rain is minimal.

Recommended places for November

Cool dry weather with a little bit cold and possible misty in November is perfect for photos[10] and do some sightseeings around Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi. This time is also good for explore Hanoi historical sites[11] and learn about the history of Vietnam.

A warm weather, not too hot or too cold is a ideal time to visit Sai Gon in November. Besides taking a tour to discover the beauty of this city and meet local people around, you can try tasty street foods[12] at night. That will be a wonderful experience!

weather-in-vietnam-recommended-vietnam-destinations-each-month-13 WEATHER IN VIETNAM – RECOMMENDED VIETNAM DESTINATIONS EACH MONTHBen Thanh Market in Saigon

Vietnam weather in December

In December, it would be cold in the North, sometimes drops to 10 degrees. The Northern-western areas occasionally have snow and mists that can run for days. These can reduce visibility in places like Sapa and Ha Long Bay to frustratingly short distances. In the centre and the south, the weather gets warmer but sometimes it has heavy rains and temperature varying between 16 and 21 degrees.

Where to go in December

Hue[13] and Hoi An[14] with mysterious and beautiful landscapes and wonderful local foods is the destination you should not miss in December. Let’s come to Hue and Hoi An to fulfill your traveling passion.

I Love Vietnam Tour[15] is here to bring you to know generally weather and destinations in Vietnam each month before planning to visit our beautiful country. We hope you will find useful information for your vacation.



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