What are the best beaches in phuket?

With over 30 beaches on Phuket’s stunning coastline, you won’t have to worry about being stuck in a place you don’t like. Whether you’re looking for a lively and fun place, a top-of-the-range luxury experience, or a secluded seaside escape, Phuket beaches offer a bit of everything. A short 10-minute long tail boat ride will take you from the hustle and bustle of Patong (on the west coast) to the heart of peace at Freedom Beach. This hidden masterpiece, one of the cleanest beaches in Phuket, is why you came to Thailand in the first place to marvel at the picturesque, virtually untouched beauty.

Freedom Beach offers a look back at the way Thailand was before tourism turned its charming coastline into a tourist hotspot — peppered with tranquil beaches, pristine sands, and an atmosphere of total relaxation. Those looking for water sports may want to try a busier beach like Patong (see number 5 on our list) or Kata (see below). People come to Freedom with the desire to swim, play soccer (there are two mini goals available), play volleyball or snorkel. Your peaceful visit won’t be interrupted by outside noises, apart from the puttering engines of long-tail boats.

Another hidden nirvana, Ao Sane Beach, can be reached by car or on foot through Nai Harn Hotel on Nai Harn Beach.. Ao Sane, perhaps the most rocky beach on the island, is also one of the best secrets. On this beach, you will find the meaning of true peace. They don’t get bombarded by street vendors selling their goods or have to suffer from the incessant whining of jet skis.

You can’t rent a beach chair or bodyboard either, but this lack of trade is the biggest advantage of the beach. Beach umbrella-shaded beach chairs on Patong Beach Phuket’s longest beach, Patong Beach, is also the most popular. If you’re looking for a soulful or relaxing experience, this isn’t the beach for you. Imagine Miami Beach and you’re getting close to the action in Patong.

This lively beach is great for watching, shopping and dining. It is the place where you can see and be seen. It’s also the place to eat spicy curry during a pedicure. Traveling alone? Patong Beach is the perfect location for you. Where else can you lounge on soft sand during the day and meet new friends in a lively Thai disco at night? Wondering where to stay for singles in Phuket? There are plenty of accommodation nearby in this dynamic location. Karon Beach is long, wide and lovely.

Between Patong (in the north) and Kata (in the south), it is the third longest beach on the island and one of the most popular. Karon Beach offers the typical soft, golden sands made famous by this region, and the sea is so turquoise that it cries out for vacation. Paradise Beach Club has restaurants, shops and activities to keep you busy and full. They also have a beach volleyball court and comfortable sun loungers..

Be prepared to pay a small fee (approx.. 200 baht) to pay for the entrance. Many tourists (especially singles) attend the full moon party at night. While most beaches attract water lovers and sunbathers, Railay (and its neighbor Phra Nang Cave Beach) attracts climbers from all over the world. There are almost 1,000 climbing routes in this area (from beginners to super-challenging).

Not sure if you’re ready to climb? Don’t worry, there are a few climbing schools that will help you climb the karst peaks. Phra Nang Cave Beach is located at the southern end of Railay Bay (a 10-minute walk from the east side of Railay Beach) and is not technically in Phuket either. The warm, inviting water is clear and shallow, perfect for kids. And the sea is dotted with dramatic rocks and the kind of Thai islands you conjure up when you dream of an idyllic beach vacation..

Like Railay Beach, rock climbing is a major attraction for most visitors to this secluded location. Despite the destructive tsunami of 2004, Phuket rose gracefully from the ashes and is currently showing off its 30+ stunning beaches as if nothing had happened. Pakbang Road, Kata BeachKaron, Phuket 83100 Thailand Kata Beach stretches for almost a mile and occupies the west coast of Phuket Island. If you’ve brought the little ones, Kata Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket for families from December to April.

May to November, on the other hand, is the best time for experienced surfers to ride the waves of the Andaman Sea. Pa Tong, Kathu-Huket 83100 Thailand With 984-foot coastline in a bay overlooking turquoise waters and embraced by green-capped cliffs, Freedom Beach is an open secret that is a bit difficult to access. The expansive sands and accessibility of Freedom Beach ensure privacy, space and seclusion. That also means an incredibly pristine beach with dazzling white sand, transparent turquoise water and fewer sellers or noisy jet skis.

Pakbang Road, KaronPhuket 83100 Thailand Close to the famous Kata Beach is its mini version, Kata Noi (literally “little Kata”), a stunning coastline that stretches over 2,000 feet. Pa Tong, KathuPhuket 83150 Thailand Paradise Beach offers full moon, crescent and black moon parties with beach barbecue, great music and great fire shows. Patong, KathuPhuket 83000 Thailand Patong’s almost 2 miles long beach is full of life day and night. The coast is full of tourists, beach activities, palm trees, vendors, masseurs, hotels, boats and much more.

Bangtao Beach, LagunaPhuket 83110, Thailand Bangtao Beach is almost four miles long and offers the longest coastline on the island. It is strategically located halfway between Phuket Airport and Patong Beach. Choeng Thale, Thalang-Phuket, 83110, Thailand Along Millionaire’s Row on the west coast of Phuket, Surin Beach is a kilometer long therapeutic landscape. Surin Beach was once the site of Phuket’s best beach clubs and thriving local market.

Today, it is a piece of rough beach beauty, a slope from soft, chalky white sand to clear, bright cyan water.. Welcome the sun and get a tan or try local cuisine at beachfront restaurants. Bangla Road, Karon BeachKaron, Phuket 83100 Thailand Karon Beach occupies three miles from the coast of Phuket, whose northern end is often rarely filled with tourists. Rawai, Muwang-Phuket 83100 Thailand The 2,000-foot Nai Harn Beach is one of the rarely crowded beaches in Phuket, and much of it remains relatively untouched.

Between Phuket’s most popular viewpoints is Ya Nui Beach, a small sandy bay that stretches over 2,000 feet. Railay BeachKrabi Town 81000 Thailand Cherngtalay, Thalang-Phuket 83110, Thailand Kamala, Kathuphuket 83120, Thailand Kamala is nestled between Patong and Surin Beach and offers comfort to couples, families and expats looking for a quiet, slow beach atmosphere. Nai Thon Beach, Phuket 83110 Thailand Mai Khao, Thalang-Phuket 83110, Thailand This long deserted stretch of sand and sea is frequented by turtles and often overflown by 30 aircraft every hour.. Mai Khao may not be a swimming beach, but it continues to be visited by some curious visitors interested in its unique attractions.

Tucked away between Kamala Beach and Surin Beach, Laem Singh looks like a scene straight from the Caribbean. Freedom by name, freedom through nature. Although Freedom Beach is in the exuberant Patong neighborhood, it’s a far cry from what you might expect. A quiet, pristine beach that is much less accessible than most beaches on the island as land access requires contacting your adventurous side and trekking through a jungle, but is also accessible by boat.

Any extra effort you put in to visit this beautiful 300m stretch of beach is well worth it. Few people come here and let you enjoy the clear turquoise sea and the backdrop of the thick, green bush that lines the beach relatively calmly. At around 1.5 km in length, Kata Beach is big enough to never feel overcrowded and ensures that you always have plenty of room for a towel on the beach. Palm trees lined with soft white sand and plenty of places to eat and drink nearby, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular with tourists and locals. In addition to activities such as surfing, there are also plenty of shops nearby where you can engage in shopping therapies, as well as resorts if you want to stay a while.

With plenty of space and so much going on, it’s ideal for families or those looking to take a break from the area’s rougher beaches. Although Kata Noi is only 700 meters long, it offers a whole world of charm on such a small beach strip. Located south of the larger, more popular Kata Beach, it is much quieter than its neighbor and, while still fairly developed, has more of the private island vibe.. With a few chic resorts and restaurants nearby, it’s perfect for day trips to the beach, and the ocean here is ideal for activities like snorkeling and surfing.

Not in the mood for activities? Don’t worry, Kata Noi’s tranquil setting makes it an ideal place to just relax and watch the world go by.. What Ya Nui Beach lacks in size more than makes up for the beauty. Just south of Nai Harn, it may only be 200 m, but size is not everything. Instead of looking at resorts, it offers views of the nearby island of Koh Keyao Noi and dramatic rock outcrops on the sky-blue sea that look ready for photos.

In terms of activities, bodyboarding is as popular here as snorkeling. Some of the best snorkeling opportunities can be found on Koh Keyao Noi, which is just a short kayak away. Just north of lively Patong Beach is Kamala Beach, almost a polar opposite to its noisy neighbor. Its calm, shallow water makes it ideal for families or those looking to spend some relaxing time in the water, and its length means you won’t have to fight for a spot to set up your towel. With a fishing village nearby, it has retained a sense of authenticity which is rare in this part of Phuket.

Extremely quiet in low season, as soon as the high season starts, it picks up a bit with water activities, but it is still one of the most relaxing and tranquil beaches on the island. Karon Beach is a favorite of many who come to Phuket. He’s not quite as popular as Patong, but there’s still plenty to do besides sunbathe. The rocky area surrounding the south of the beach is a popular spot for snorkeling, but for those who prefer a higher octane activity, it is also possible to rent jet skis on the beach. While the sand may not be as soft as some beaches, the length of the beach means you won’t have too little space.

The waves can get pretty wild during the rainy season, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There are a handful of bars nearby that can easily provide evening entertainment, though they might not fit Patong. Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea — a 550 square kilometer mountainous island covered by forests with beautiful white sandy beaches. It is only 150 meters long and surrounded by boulders.. North of Patong, this 200-meter stretch of sand is fairly quiet, although you’ll find sun loungers, a beach bar, and restrooms.

At high tide, the sea covers all but 10 meters of its width. It is important to remember that essentially the best beaches in Phuket, Thailand are on the southern tip of the island or along the west coast.. The east coast (i.e. facing the Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay) is dominated by estuaries and mangrove forests. Good for the local fisherman, but not at all suitable as a beach location. In addition to a trip to the best beaches in Phuket, Krabi shouldn’t be missed.

It offers something different from the usual tourist destinations outside of Phuket, namely Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay.. Taken together, these are certainly considered 3 of the best beaches in Phuket.. Probably the choice of top-class beaches. Kata Beach really consists of 2 different places — Kata Noi (short) and Kata Yai (long).

Kata Noi beach is dominated by upscale Katathani Resort and you certainly get the impression that the resort “owns” the beach. This is not the case of course and there are public access points at both ends of the beach. Conditions can be tough sometimes, even in high season. So be careful. However, the views are excellent, especially the view to the north, which is absolutely world class..

The view alone makes it one of the best beaches in Phuket. In our experience, this beach is rarely overcrowded.. If I were to choose to live in a beach location in Phuket, Kamala would definitely be my choice, especially if you are looking for one of the best beaches in Phuket in low season. It can be hard to believe that you are in Phuket, so is the serenity of Banana Beach..

Phuket is usually associated with partying and vibrant lifestyle, but this tiny bit of the map, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Phuket, will help you sit back and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.. The beach itself is quiet and lets the whole landscape and beauty speak for themselves. Street food and juice vendors on the beach, simple Thai restaurants, pizza, cold beer — life in Nai Thon can be very easy. The beach is typical of the medium-sized bay beaches; ~1000 m long, lined with rocky points.

The water is usually calm during high season making it one of the best beaches in Phuket for family getaways.. The best beaches in Phuket may not be the most famous, but it’s hard to keep them secret. The most famous beach in Phuket is Kata Noi and Kata Yai beaches.. Many people visit these beaches for their beauty and serenity.

Patong Beach itself is very popular for its beautiful sand, mild waves and various water activities. Phuket is more expensive than other parts of Thailand. But the booming tourism industry is leading to many cheap hotels and restaurants in Patong, making it one of the best beaches in Phuket for backpackers.. Patong is the main beach on the west coast of Phuket, and the decision to book a hotel here is a personal choice.

Panwa Beach, also known as Khao Kat Beach, is not a bathing beach yet has the charm of these secluded bays that not many would take the time to explore when visiting Phuket. Freedom Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Phuket, which is only a 10-minute boat ride from Patong. As with all beaches in Phuket, the best (and safest) time to swim here is between November and May. From luxury resorts to adrenaline-filled water sports, bars, restaurants and spas, these popular Phuket beaches have tons of things to offer, whether you’re traveling alone or with your partner or family.

This tiny beach with crystal clear waters and lush green jungles in the background is also considered one of the best beaches in Phuket for couples and families.. Rawai is located at the southern end of Phuket Island and is not a swimming beach, but offers great views of the many nearby islands in a tranquil local atmosphere.. Located right on Nai Harn Beach, Ya Nui offers a captivating view of the impressive Phrom Thep Cape, which offers one of the best panoramic views of Phuket. All types of tourists come here and that makes it one of the most crowded and famous beaches in Phuket for solo travelers..

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