What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

Weather in Vietnam varies considerably, so what you wear is dependant on the time of year you visit and where you go. Vietnam country is separated into three regions which own the different weather. Therefore, the most important factor in your plan to decide what to wear in Vietnam in February is where you go. For your own comfort, we strongly recommend wearing modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, particularly in pagodas and religious sites. Especially, if you go to the beaches, let’s bring the particular clothes.

Things to bring in Vietnam in February

As you know, , culture. Coming to the particular destinations of Vietnam, you need to adopt the rules and regulations related to how to dress but you are supposed to pay attention to some following tips.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

One of the best months to travel to Vietnam in February. Why? As conditions are at their very best with dry, bright weather expected along the entire length of the country. Therefore, you are completely coming to a number of great beach options, with southern and central parts and enjoy the premium conditions under sunshine. If you have a plan in the highlands in the Northern region, it is the good choice for the trekking and adventure-activity conditions return.

February is one of the most unpredictable months. Actually, one of the most important factors which attract numerous tourists is the traditional Tet holiday in Vietnam which can set the atmosphere and bring about luck. In the Northern, may remain anywhere from cool to cold for another while. In Central Vietnam, the temperature will be higher than in Northern Vietnam. However, those areas around Ho Chi Minh City would see much sun and warm weather for most of the days in February. If you love the beach, head south.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-1 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

February is characterized by cool and occasional light rain in the North, warm and dry in the center and the south. The temperature in almost destinations in Northern ranges between 15 and 22. However, the lowest temperature in this region is a mountain which can drop to near 0 points. Thus, you make sure bring an extra coat to keep warm. The temperature in several highlands like Sapa maybe drop to near 0 points. In Hue and Hoian, it ranges between 22 and 32 and in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong between 28 and 35.

Depend on the period time of travel, you can bring suitable clothes. Light jacket, comfortable shoes, convenient clothes are recommended as you will explore different zones with different weather and temperature. Do not just bring shorts and too revealing clothes because they are not allowed at pagodas and temples here.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-2 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

Where you go to Vietnam in February?

Maybe you have known, February is the month of celebration and relaxation for the Vietnamese as this month owns the most important holiday is Lunar Year. Tet holiday ranges between late January and mid-February, making the month mostly a time for celebration. Therefore, you have an opportunity to join in the activities of Tet and enjoy the traditional foods there. Following to the custom, Vietnamese are strong believers- they try to pay off all debts before the New Year day and on the first day of the year, all they do is to feel happy and have the rest of the year. Therefore, February is the awesome month attracting numerous foreigners in the year. Thus, if you have a plan, please book the ticket before in order to get the best price. Depending on your free time, you can spend 1 or 2 weeks to visit Vietnam country.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-3 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

2 weeks exactly after the New Year is Tet holiday – an important event to celebrate the first full moon of the year. In Hoi An, every full moon night will be lit up by floating lanterns on Thu Bon River or those hung by the stores in the Ancient town. One of the most attractive points in here is enjoying the music and revived traditional games. In places like Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, you can also get a sense of Tet holiday as most families will burn incense and clothes-shaped paper for their ancestors.  

Though celebrated nation-wide, it is most vividly witnessed in Hanoi and on TV. Visiting Vietnam country this month, you will have an opportunity in the parades and music shows that praise the success and importance of the Party in the liberation of modern Vietnam. Not only that, but you also grace all houses on the street hanged national flags. Overall, a great opportunity for taking photos!

North Vietnam

We know, you always expect the sunshine and clear blue skies, in February, temperatures in the north will be quite cool. The average temperature is around 17 °C. Greatly, rainfall is at its lowest in February so Halong Bay is a perfect beach you should spend time on traveling. However, in several places in Northern, it happens chilly and sometimes foggy, especially at night, so suitable clothing is recommended.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-4 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

The first destination in Northern is Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, where you can find the ancient sites from many decades ago. Almost the streets in Hanoi Old Quarter attracts the foreigners by its constructions adopted both of the traditional and modern styles. It is very alluring and lively in the visitors’ eyes. Thus, it is one of the most famous destinations for the tourists both domestically and internationally. Otherwise, you can visit many famous places there such as Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Temple of Literature and so on. Next, Sapa is one of the most breathtaking hill stations which reflects the signature of French architecture as well as the colorful hill tribal cultures. Coming Sapa, you will admire the mountain landscapes, the verdant rice terraces fields, unique stilt villages and conquer Indochina peak – Fansipan mountain. According to the feedback of visitors, the best time to visit Sapa is from September to April. Therefore, February is the best month. Halong Bay is a beautiful natural wonder in northern Vietnam and near the Chinese border and is the best holiday destinations in Vietnam. Halong Bay is belonged to list of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. It includes 1,600 limestone islands and islets and covered over 1,500 sqkm. On the cruise, you will grace many caves and Vung Vieng village. Not only that, some water activities are popular there.

Central Vietnam

Welcome to Central Vietnam, and to reply for the question what to wear in Vietnam in February? you also search the forecast weather to bring suitable clothes. In February, it usually has sunshine with just a light sprinkling of rain expected from time to time in Hoian and Danang. The average temperature is around 25°C. Hue is also warm and dry and Hue has many pagodas so you should bring the shirt covered hands. And the climate of highlands central will be cooler due to altitude and warm clothing. Next, Nha Trang is also enjoying blue skies and higher temperatures. Nha Trang is also being endowed with the clear blue sky and higher temperatures.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-5 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

February marks the time the summer returns to central Vietnam with the sunny and beautiful beaches of Hoian and Danang. The light rains expected to occur sometime in this month which has the average temperature at about 25°C. He is also warm and dry while Dalat and many provinces in Central Highlands are cooler due to altitude. The weather condition is great for adventure tours with outdoor activities like trekking or cycling… windproofing clothing is recommended for the evenings.

Hoi An is Vietnam’s most atmospheric town in the world. On the other hand, it is famous for the architecture and beguiling riverside setting that befits its heritage. Especially, Hoian comprises the unique centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, colonial shophouses, temples, old house that are set within the popular areas of the Ancient Town and Riversides. The town and the riverside of Hoian City are famous for the well-preserved mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and French design.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-6 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

South Vietnam

Good weather is expected in the south February as the temperature in there is higher than others. Ho Chi Minh City is quite different from Hanoi city as it is more bustle. Coming here, you will have an opportunity to approach the old and the new culture, architecture with the dynamic metropolis of skyscrapers, and the wealth of ancient temples as well as the traditional markets like Ben Thanh. You have a quick stop and visit other regions of Vietnam or are planning a visit to the city exclusively. Duc Ba church,  Saigon Central Post Office, Ben Thanh market are the three popular destinations in the large city.

what-to-wear-in-vietnam-in-february-7 What to Wear in Vietnam in February?

Mekong Delta is very potential in tourism. You will have a chance to know the life of local people on the river. It is a particular tropical monsoonal climate place, including two seasons around the year: dry and rainy. In February, it usually doesn’t happen rainily. Coming to the traditional handicraft villages and tropical fruits gardens, you not only know the stories of the area’s cottage industry but also enjoy the typical folk music in Southern Vietnam.

Most beaches in the Southern region are experiencing clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine and little or no rain with the average temperature at about 27 °C. For example,  Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, and Con Dao. In this month, the temperature isn’t high and low, so you can wear the underwear to swim. According to the feedback of foreigners, February is a good month for diving around Con Dao, with clear waters and sky.

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