Why is pattaya so bad?

Due to the large number of tourists, the city is known for the fact that there are various tourist traps, scammers and petty thieves in the area. Visitors love or hate Pattaya based on their experience. Overall, the city isn’t very dangerous and there are simple tips on how to keep yourself and your belongings safe. Unfortunately, these are all images that are generally associated with Thailand, thanks to films like The Hangover 2 and Bangkok Dangerous — films that focus on the more dissolute aspects of the country..

Hollywood cameramen pan through the city’s polluted streets and red light districts while failing to show off the beauty of the coastline’s clear blue waters. Of course, as everywhere else, there are small areas of the country that embody these stereotypes.. However, it is wholly inappropriate to limit an entire country to the stereotypes that arise from a minority of the population.. The notorious beach town of Pattaya is doing Thailand few favors to improve its reputation.

Pattaya is notoriously bad for its poor maintenance and water pollution. With additional fraud activity in the areas of tuk tuk, jet ski, ladyboy scams and more, Pattaya has also seen an increase in criminal activity. In addition, the city doesn’t have a friendly nightlife for families. Many expats diss Pattaya because they want to be above the sexual angle of life in Thailand.

you think that living in Chiang Mai, etc. frees them from their own engagement with the darker side. O Many expats diss Pattaya because they want to be above the sexual angle of life in Thailand. you believe that living in Chiang Mai, etc. frees them from their own exploration of the darker side of human existence.. Most of us have or have originally come here for the wine, the women and the song, or rather, the SEX, but some want to give an alternative appearance by simply living off one of the centers of the whole. In fact, Pattaya has been cleaned up compared to 20 years ago or more, but many non-Pattaya expats can’t accept that.

Keeping it “dirty” in their heads keeps them free from a guilt complex. Girls working the boulevards, shady massage parlours and online prostitution are all part of every big city landscape. It’s awful everywhere, but what I saw in Pattaya, Thailand, far surpassed anything you would ever see in the United States. I spent a week there last month with an outreach team..

I was in Pattaya with a friend mainly because he asked me to do so for a few months.. I ended up saying okay let’s go there but I wasn’t sure.. It smells bad and I can’t think of a place I’d like to see here.. The next big problem is that I’ve already booked the hotel for 18 nights.

What advice can you give me? sorry for mistakes – English is not my native language. Bangkok is worth it, take a bus from Pattaya in the morning, sleep in Bangkok for a night or two and then come back to your room in Pattaya in the evening. The next morning, take a minivan 3h-4h to Trat and then to Ko Chang. Did you do any research before booking 18 nights in Pattaya? There are nearby islands that are decent, Koh Samed and Koh Larn..

Have you booked the hotel for 18 days but have you already paid in full? If not, you can simply check out early.. If you’ve already paid, it’s up to what you can negotiate with the hotel directly — maybe tell them you need to leave the country early and go home for an emergency or something.. However, there is no obligation for them to refund you anything.. Otherwise, if the money is lost, a decision will be made about how you want to spend your vacation..

You have already invested in a flight ticket and are investing your time. So if you’re really unhappy, it might be worth just giving up the money you’ve already paid.. Then you can do whatever you want — head north to the mountains, south to the islands, or wherever. But of course, don’t go to a place like Patong, otherwise you might feel the same way again..

I’ve already paid the full amount – I paid via expedia, so I don’t know if and how the hotel can refund me anything. I’m actually looking for a few places I can go. I’m not usually that tough, but you’re a complete idiot.. Booking a spot for 18 nights with seemingly no research is the dumbest thing I’ve heard on this sub-reddit. Pattaya is first and foremost a naughty nightlife (i.e..

If beer and hookers don’t appeal to you, you’re in the wrong place. However, the tourist infrastructure is diverse, so you may still find quieter places to save your vacation. Make a chargeback, cancel the card, and flee the country. You’ve been moved to the ugliest and most disgusting city in Thailand.


fact that you don’t like it is a credit to your sense of smell. You’re just a stone’s throw from Ko Samet, Thailand’s sunniest island, so you can go there and relax. It’s far from being my favorite island, but right now it’s raining a lot almost everywhere. Ask yourself if it’s raining there before you go, whether you’re going.

Maybe the Samui Islands aren’t that bad (Samui, Phangan and Ko Tao). At least you’ll have company there.. A lot of people go down, rain or shine. Thailand’s Andaman Sea side is most likely soaked.

Bangkok is also a civilized place once you get used to it. I prefer to go down the river in Banglampoo to escape the traffic and pollution and noise of New Bangkok. You may lose some money on the deal, but you won’t be in Pattaya anymore. Chiang Mai is a place I definitely want to go back.

I spent a month seeing the whole country and as much as I loved partying on Phi Phi or Phuket, I loved the atmosphere in CM. Loved BKK too, but CM was a nice change of pace.. While diving sucks there, you can qualify, which would be useful in the longer term. You could then take a trip to a place where driving is good for a few days..

One place worth visiting is Anek Kuson Sala (Viharnra Sien) just outside of Pattaya. It is a huge collection of Chinese carvings and statues. I found it by accident and thought it was amazing. However, make sure you find a taxi that knows where it is..

We had a lot of trouble finding it. It is located on the site of a very large temple. It is near the 160 kilometers long exit of Sukhumvit Road, about 15 kilometers south of Pattaya. I also liked the Gem Factory (there are actually two of them, one better than the other), where you can watch the artisans work the exotic gemstones and metals.

My favorite was the Pattaya Museum of Bottle Art, a small hidden display of bottled ships (and temples). All cities in Thailand smell bad, it’s the heat mixed with poor waste disposal. Most girls in Pattaya are from Isaan. As long as the new hotel isn’t too expensive.

You can find a basic hotel room for 200-500 baht (depending on whether you want air conditioning or not) basically anywhere in Thailand. I think Pattaya sucks too I don’t blame you for wanting to go. You could get on a bus in 3-4 hours and be in Ko Chang. Very nice and many cheap rooms in Lonely Beach.

Or head north to Chiang Mai. Or look at ruins in Ayuthaya. There are plenty of places to go and it can be cheap if you want to. In an effort to move away from its bad reputation of being the center of sex business and wild ladyboys, local authorities are trying to push other activities and nature as Pattaya attractions currently slated for Pattaya to reopen.

When you ask yourself whether or not Pattaya is worth a visit, the answer honestly depends on what they were trying to achieve with their trip to Pattaya.. This scam isn’t as bad as the ones above but going to those jewelry stores is always a waste of time. So if your taxi driver offers to take you to the gem shop, say no matter how much they insist. Due to poor waste management in Pattaya, several reports of bad smells from the beach area and along Walking Street have also been published.. Unfortunately, unlike the photos and videos that can be seen on Instagram, Pattaya is in environmental ruins.

At the time, foreigners were warned not to swim in the sea when visiting Pattaya, especially at Na Chom Thian beach where the sewage was found. I’m Darren, a British ex-pat in Pattaya for more than 20 years and a blogger just sharing a few tips and things you might want to know about Pattaya. However, there is a twist on these jet ski rentals as the most common scam in Pattaya is perhaps the jet ski scam. Walking Street in Pattaya is as famous as Khao San Street in Bangkok for its adult entertainment.

For the guys (and ladies) looking for “fun times” in Pattaya nightlife, be sure to check the latest government Covid update rules to avoid disappointment. Although many families choose Pattaya for a short break because of its accessibility, they usually don’t venture past the safe walls of their hotel lobby as they know what’s behind. Drink in bars and chase girls or settle down and enjoy what Pattaya has to offer besides the drinking scene.

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