Wild Kingdom in Luofu Mountain

Huizhou Luofu Mountain, also known as Dong Qiao Shan, has the reputation of “the first mountain” of South of the Five Ridges, the national 4A level scenic area, is one of the ten famous mountains China Taoism, is located in Changning town of Huizhou Boluo County, is located in south of the Five Ridges “Tourism corridor” the center of the lot. The Luofu Mountain is Feiyun top, elevation 1296 meters.
Pleasant scenery here, verdant trees, for like climbing tour pal, this is a great tourist destination, the best place is also a summer, said the summer, which means summer to this good, although there is no glittering lake, but many bridges, you will see the crystal clear water, occasionally to see a few small fish living a life of ease and leisure to enjoy them.
Seasonal selection: of course it is fine weather in summer, about a few friends. With Food snacks, coupled with the best with small items such as anti mosquito, or put on a walkman, indulging in a mountain stream, while climbing enjoy music brings N happiness. Of course, the rest of the season, each season will let you have a different visual enjoyment.
Route choice: if you go for the first time, I suggest to go from moral door, here will give you a surprise. First of all, you’re in, you will see a clear bottoming out of the creek flow into Lake, the water ice cold, super cool, we left a friend even installed a bottle away, ha ha, the world we live in is too small to see so clear water. The next road can be arbitrary, because “all roads lead to the top of the hill”.
Came to the Luofu Mountain, little of course not here to burn incense and pray for peace, here incense continuously throughout the year, there are many people burn incense to pray, can let you enjoy the wonderful taste fragrance enjoyment.

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