Wow Tapes: Indonesia

2014. We landed in Jakarta with one camera, one lens, one action cam, one tripod, two smartphones. Yes, smartphones. This was our full gear, when the “Wow Tapes” idea crossed our minds for the first time. We were just backpackers with a camera, which we weren’t using that much at the beginning.

We’ve kept this film in the closet for about 18 months while travelling around, filming other countries. We were watching and watching it from time to time, again and again, comparing it to our newer works, trying to improve it, always postponing the release date.

We’ve just decided the time to publish has come!

Indonesia: a huge pot of religions, cultures, languages, landscapes.
Magnificent temples and mosques, wild jungles, white beaches and superb surf breaks, stunning amazing fauna; we traveled across Java, Sulawesi, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Flores, Komodo: different regions, same crazy hospitality.

35 unforgettable days.

Shot with a Canon 7D
Sigma 17-50 2.8
Gopro Hero 3
Smartphones + wide and macro mini lenses

a film by Fabio Reitano
directed by Fabio Reitano, Giuseppe Lombardi
camera: Fabio Reitano, Giuseppe Lombardi
edit, grading, post: Fabio Reitano
sound design: Gianluca Agostini, Fabio Reitano
music: J.Viewz – River and Homes

Cast: Giuseppe Lombardi and Fabio Reitano

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