How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
The Chemerong Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in Malaysia, and this article shares information about how to get here from Kuala Lumpur or anywhere from the country. 
First of all, you should know that it is possible to make a day trip here to visit the waterfalls, namely for those who just want to take that Instagram shot. 
And for the serious outdoor and nature lovers, you can book a tour that lets you trek and camp at the Chemerong Waterfalls, which is also known as one of the tallest waterfalls in Southeast Asia. 
This place is often called the CBL or Chemerong, Berembun, Langsir, and in Malay, this place is known as the Hutan Lipur Chemerong, or Chemerong Forest Reserve in the Pasir Raja Forest Reserve of Dungun region in Terengganu. 
How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-1 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
The beautiful Chemerong Waterfalls. Note the people at the bottom right of the photo

, and many would be wondering how to get to the Chemerong Waterfalls in Terengganu. 

Before I get into the details of traveling here, you should know what else is there to do around the Chemerong Waterfalls, the park and its surrounding. 
Chemerong Waterfalls is located about two kilometers into the Chemerong Forest Reserve, and there is a park entrance fee of RM2.00 per person to enter, and RM5.00 per person for camping.
Outside the park entrance, there is a wildlife park office and center where you get your tickets, park guides and  so on. The main car park is also located outside here.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-2 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
The Chemerong Park Office and waterfalls at the back
Good news is that you can drive here or from any other city in a few hours, and from Kuala Lumpur, it is only a four hour drive to the forest entrance.
Once you reach the park entrance, you can park your car and make the ticket purchase from the main office here.

If you are just visiting the waterfalls, you pay only RM2.00 per person, and it is a one to two hour trek to the main Chemerong waterfalls.

If you are planning to do camping, you need to pre-arrange this, and get the necessary documents from the Terengganu Forestry office, book your guide and so on.

You may need a minimum of three (3) weeks advance booking for your camping permit. The official contact is listed at the end of this article.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-3 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
A park guide at CBL Chemerong

What You Need To Know About Chemerong Waterfalls

Before you blindly say “I’m going here”, you need to take note that this is not your easy Bukit Gasing trekking trip.

Overall, one needs to be fit to trek up this waterfall. If you are a pure city person, make sure you can hike for at least one hour without having to stop every ten minutes. 

First thing you need is an entry ticket from the park quarters, and it is compulsory for everyone to pay this fees. 
Guides are compulsory as they do not allow self trekking here. However, the guide fees is around RM500 a day, for one or two persons, of even a group. You can hire them from the park quarters. 
Porters are also available for hire to carry up any heavy things, and there is a set price for this where you can arrange this with the park office.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-4 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
Hikers trekking the CBL here. Photo by

For those planning to hike to Langsir, it will take around eight hours one way, and this is excluding stopping and photography. 

Some visitors are actually photographers and they trek all the way to Langsir to overnight there and photograph the clear and beautiful stars. This spot is well known for stargazing too. 
If you are trekking the 3D/2N CBL Trail, . Also keep an eye out for the strange hollow tree which is very Instagrammable.

If you are expecting 4G coverage, so sorry to burst your bubble, but there is limited cellphone coverage in this area. You would be lucky to get GPRS at some points.

But your objective is to trek and hike here, so let’s keep to that and use your smartphones to take photographs.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-5 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
Chemerong Forest Reserve in Terengganu

What is Available at Chemerong Waterfalls Park

This is important for anyone who is planning to visit here and you need to know what is available once you reach the park. I will list down the general facilities at park area;

  • Park Office / Ranger Station – For tickets and bookings
  • Small Cafe – Local and simple food and drinks
  • Souvenir Shop – Basic souvenirs sold
  • Car Park – For those who drive here
  • Small Children’s Playground – Really, it’s only for the kids
  • Surau or Prayer Room – For prayer time
  • Hanging Bridge – Just a hanging bridge

The park office is managed by the forestry department and is quite well laid out with walking paths to the trails, picnic areas and the start of the waterfall trek.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-6 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
ATV adventure just outside of Chemerong Forest Reserve

What Else To Do Around Chemerong Waterfalls?

You are either coming here to see the waterfalls or most probably for trekking and camping. Hence for those who want to know what else can be done, below are some other activities to explore.
Chemerong Offroad ATV Adventure – Your complete ATV adventures in the rainforest of Chemerong. This company provides all kinds of ATV experiences in this area and can be contacted via phone – 012-202 9057

Chemerong Outdoor Adventure – This is an outdoor and adventure company who provides trekking, camping, kayaking, team building and many other activities around the Chemerong Reserve. They are all local guides from the area. They can be contacted via phone – 012-202 9057

Al-Muktafi Billah Shah – This is the nearest town to Chemerong Forest Reserve, and is where you can get your supplies of snacks, food, drinks and other smaller items. From the town, it takes a 30 minute drive to the forest reserve.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-7 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
Sunset and stargazing are one of the must experience things at Chemerong. Photo by Zati Iwani Abdul Malek.

What To Bring For Chemerong Waterfalls Trekking? 

Most seasoned trekkers or waterfall hunters would know what to bring, but I am going to list down the general items you need when you visit this place.

The list will be broken into two sections, one for just the waterfall day trip visit, and the other for camping overnight here.

Chemerong Waterfall Day Trip Checklist

  1. Hiking Shoes (Basic, Expensive or Adidas Kampung)
  2. Insect Repellent (Malaysian made ones are the best)
  3. Poncho (It’s a rainforest, and it can rain)
  4. Waterproof Bags (Always a must for any trekking trip)
  5. Swimwear and Towel (Unless you are not planning to swim here)
  6. Sunblock (Especially for morning  and midday trekking)
  7. Tripod (For photographers)
  8. Mini First Aid Kit (Always a necessity)
  9. Drinking Water (At least 2 liters per person)
  10. Snacks and Power Bars (For those who need it)
Chemerong CBL Camping Trip Checklist

  1. Hiking Shoes (Basic, Expensive or Adidas Kampung)
  2. Insect Repellent (Malaysian made ones are the best)
  3. Poncho (It’s a rainforest, and it can and will rain)
  4. Waterproof Bags (Always a must for any trekking trip)
  5. Trekking Gloves (For steep climbs and support)
  6. Change of Clothes (Light wear)
  7. Swimwear and Towel (Unless you are not planning to swim here)
  8. Sunblock (Especially for morning  and midday trekking)
  9. Tripod (For photographers)
  10. Proper First Aid Kit (Required for camping)
  11. Drinking Water (At least 5 liters per person)
  12. Snacks and Power Bars (For those who need it)
  13. Camping Utensils (For those who plan to cook)
  14. Raw Food (Simple and easy to cook like instant noodles, eggs)
  15. Other general camping equipment (This list goes on)
how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-8 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
Nadzira from In A Nutshell poses at the Chemerong Waterfalls

Hiking Reviews of Chemerong Waterfalls

Over the years, many hikers have made their way to Chemerong Waterfalls, namely for hiking and camping at the CBL here in Dungun, Terengganu.
Since 2016 and 2017, more hikers have been coming here or the amazing experience and I have gathered some of their articles for you to read and see photos. 
Catherine from ‘Catching Travels’, shares her 3D/2N camping experience at Chemerong[1] in May of 2017 along with 30 hikers. She shares detail about her journey up, camping overnight and some beautiful photos. 
MCHiker is also one of those hard core hikers and trekkers from Malaysia who has experience trekking to Chemerong Waterfalls[2] in his detailed trekking blog. His journey was in 2015 and there are lots of photos. 
Joan from LuvFeelin has also experienced visiting Chemerong Forest Reserve[3] in July of 2016 and spent two nights hiking and camping here. Her blog is entirely in Chinese for those who can read. 

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-9 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
The various national parks and forest reserves around Terengganu

Chemerong Waterfall Information

  • 1000 feet (305 meter)
  • Chemerong Waterfalls GPS Coordinates: N4.65988 E102.98899 
  • Gunung Berembun GPS Coordinates: N4.63963 E102.97063 
  • Langsir Waterfalls GPS Coordinates: N4.63291 E102.97555
Chemerong Waterfalls Contact
Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Terengganu,
Tingkat 8, Wisma Negeri,
Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu,
20200 Malaysia
Tel: +6 09 6222444 Ext. 6808
Talian Terus : +6 09 6221587 / 6274123
Email :

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-10 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
CBL Trekking Map

Application for Climbing and Camping Permit for CBL Chemerong Waterfalls

Send to:
Pengarah Perhutanan Negeri Terengganu, 
Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Terengganu,
Tingkat 8, Wisma Negeri,
20000 Kuala Terengganu
Tel : +6 09 627 4155
Fax: +6 09 623 6552
Fees for Chemerong Waterfalls and Camping
According to the last update in 2017, there are a number of different fees for visitors and they are;
  • Park Entrance Fees: RM2.00 Adults, RM1.00 for children
  • Camping Fees: RM5.00 per person
  • Park Ranger Fees: RM500.00 per day
What Time Does The Chemerong Park Open?
The Chemerong Forest Reserve operated on government hours which is from 8.00 AM till 5.00 PM. If you want to get your park entry, tickets and other fees, you need to do it during these hours. 
The best is to plan your travels so that you reach here during the park operation hours. And the park office is open seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. 

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-11 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
An epic photo of Chemerong Waterfalls

When is the Best Time to Visit Chemerong Waterfalls

Anyone planning to visit Chemerong Waterfalls must take note that the park closes during the Monsoon season in east coast Malaysia from late October to mid March. 
Why do they close? Because the monsoon period brings a lot of rain, and it can sometimes rain for days. This can cause mudslides, uprooting of trees and even floods, which can endanger the lives of trekkers, hikers or general visitors. 
It is recommended to visit during the dry season in May, June and July. However the park is open from March till October, and during the other months, you can expect small showers.

On weekends, school holidays and public holidays, this place can get really crowded. So, if you dislike crowds, I will personally recommend you avoid these times and go on a weekday.

You will enjoy a peaceful trek with very little people, which is something that I really enjoy when trekking. 

For those interested, it is best to contact the park office and find out when exactly they close and reopen.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-12 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
Driving Distance from KL to Chemerong CBL

How to Drive to Chemerong Waterfalls

For those driving, this is important information as the road signs are quite tricky. Unless the park has put up more signboards, you need to follow the 
Waterfall Junction GPS Coordinates: N4.66192 E102.98992
Distance to Chemerong Waterfalls

Below are distances from various cities around Malaysia to Chemerong waterfalls, and the time taken is from Google Maps calculation. Give and take, just add another 30 to 60 minutes for food and toilet breaks during your journey.

  • From Al-Muktafi Billah Shah – 35.8 KM, 30 minutes drive
  • From Kuala Terengganu – 126 KM, 1 hour 45 minutes drive
  • From Dungun – 67 KM, 1 hour drive
  • From Kuantan City – 147 KM, 2 hours drive
  • From Kota Bharu – 265 KM, 4 hours drive
  • From Kuala Lumpur – 378 KM, 4 hours drive
  • From Ipoh – 431 KM, 6.5 hours drive
  • From Melaka – 419 KM, 5.5 hour drive
  • From Johor Bharu – 489 KM, 6.5 hours drive
  • From Penang – 593 KM, 8 hours drive
  • From Singapore – 473 KM, Coastal Road, 7 hours drive

For those without their own transport

This applies to tourist or anyone without a car or bike, there is no public transport to Chemerong Waterfalls. You need to travel to Dungun or Kuala Terengganu and then take a taxi or private car service to the park.

There is no bus service to Chemerong Waterfalls so you can forget this option. If you are going in a group, usually you will charter a bus or van for the trip.

I would recommend three options;

1. Taxi or Private Car Service – First, get the price for a one way trip. Then get the taxi contact number or make arrangements for him to pick you up when you are done here. I do not think that Grab will pick you up from the park, so please do check on that.

2. Rent a Car – You can also rent a car in Kuala Terengganu and self drive to the park as this would be a fun way to explore this part of Terengganu. Make sure you have a GPS, Waze or Google Maps for this.

3. Book a Tour – There are various travel agents that offer special tours here, and you can book them in Terengganu or other cities. For example, if you book one in Kuala Terengganu, they will pick you up, send you there and after you are done, send you back to the city.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-13 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
The Chemerong Waterfall information from Tourism Malaysia

Additional Information for Chemerong Waterfalls

Some people may want additional information about this beautiful waterfalls which is one of the tallest in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Photography – There is a required permit for any professional photography at the park and you need to apply for this through the forestry office for the photographers permit.

This simply means if you are coming here with crew, equipment and talents for a photo shoot, wedding photo or other photography, you need to apply for a permit from the park office.

Video Shooting – Depending on what kind of filming you want to do, it requires different permits from the forestry department.

If you are just doing your own filming for your company, you can get the permit from the park office at RM200 per day. If you are doing a TV commercial, music video or movie that requires crew, you need to apply a special permit from the main office.

Drone Photography – This is still new, but I believe you must inform the park office if you are doing anything commercial here.

how-to-go-to-chemerong-waterfalls-14 How To Go To Chemerong Waterfalls
One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia, Photo by

Final Thoughts

The Chemerong Waterfalls are simply breathtaking and one of the amazing Eco destinations in Terengganu, Malaysia. If you are an outdoors, adventure and nature lover, this is one of the highly recommended places to visit.

And if you are into camping, trekking, hiking and a waterfall lover, this is one of the highly recommended places in Malaysia to visit. I hope this guide on how to go to Chemerong Waterfalls has come in handy for you.

Any questions, comments or updates, please leave a comment in the form below or you can use the contact me form. Have a great trip here. 


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