Kuala Kangsar’s Istana Kenangan

Also known as the Palace of Memories and as the Valley Palace due to its location, Kuala Kangsar’s Istana Kenangan is made of wood (without a single metal nail) and bamboo woven into diamond-shaped patterns across its exterior walls. Built in 1926 it served as temporary royal quarters until the nearby Istana Iskandariah was completed. It was also used as a stopgap mausoleum for members of the royal family awaiting burial. It is two storeys high with the top floor consisting of the bedchamber, family bedrooms and a dining hall. The ground floor was once used as the official royal office where its original floor was made out of solid wood. The wooden floor however had been replaced by marble. The istana has been under renovation for years and only the space underneath it is ready for visitors.

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